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X-Blast is an attack-type drone developed to secretly enter enemy regions through high-altitude flight and perform precise vertical bombardment

in a free-fall method on the enemy command system, major facilities, and areas with enemy troop concentrations.

Automatic tracking function on the designated target confirms the target location and sends the coordinates to the GCS.

With 5kg payload, X-Blast can be converted into a delivery drone for small packages.


· Weight : 4.8kg / 7.4kg(w/battery)

· Battery : 22.2v / 22,000mah

· Max flight time : 35min

· Max Speed : 45km/h

· Payload : 5kg

· Operation range : 5km

· Max Flight Altitude : 1km

· Wind Resistance : 17m/s

· Water Resistance : IPx4 and above

Special Features

· Dual Auto-locking and Bomb Releasing System

· Double Quad Airframe with 8 Propellers

· 5km Operation Range with 5kg Payload Bomb at 1km altitude with Target Accuracy of 3m Radius

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage(Operation at -20℃~40℃)

· Flight in Rain(IPx4) and Strong Wind Resistance(14m/s Max)

· Autonomous Flight Control and Safe RTB

· Realtime FHD Transmission

· AI 3D Mapping Technology for Safe Skyway

Mission Equipment

· 10 x Zoom Camera

· IR Camera

· Dual Auto Locking device

Field of Application

· Military Operations

· Surveillance & Boarder Patrol

· Small Package Delivery(Max. Payload 5kg)


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