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X- Carrier is developed to maximize wartime and peacetime operational capabilities by providing air transport support to remote or isolated areas where

ground access is impossible or restricted.

With its 30kg payload capacity, X-Carrier is also equipped with 5 lidar navigation sensors for safe and perfect transportation and is also capable of adaptive

air transport operations by using the exclusively designed storage box and winch lowering device.


· Size : Unfolded 2,030 x 2,030 x 1,242mm / Folded 1,580mm x 1,580mm x 920mm

· Weight : 56kg(w/ battery)

· Max Speed : 36km/h

· Operation Range : 3km

· Max Flight Altitude : 1km

· Wind Resistance : 12m/s

· Flight time(Payload) : 45min(None), 35min(10kg), 30min(20kg), 25min(30kg)

· Water Resistance : IPx4 and above

Special Features

· Obstacle Sensing in 5 Directions(5 Lidar Sensors)

· Double Octo Airframe with 16 Propellers

· Wind Shock Absorber

· Smart Winch System with Dual Locking Device

· Adaptive Receiving Controller(Optional)

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage (Operation at -20℃~40℃)

· Flight in Rain(IPx4) and Strong Wind Resistance(12m/s Max)

· Autonomous Flight Control and Safe RTB

· Realtime FHD Transmission

· AI 3D Mapping Technology for Safe Skyway

Mission Equipment

· 10 x Zoom Camera

· IR Camera

· Winch System

· Exclusive storage box (50cm x 30cm x 20cm)

Field of Application

· Military Operations

· Agriculture Survey & Inspection

· Confined Space & Internal Inspection

· Offshore Survey & Inspection

· Production and Facility Survey & Inspection

· Surveillance & Boarder Patrol


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