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The 3rd generation X-Carrier is a smart transport drone that automatically measures the weight when loading a luggage and sets the optimal flight mode (available flight time, speed, travel distance, etc.) according to payload information and weather information.

It is the next-generation transport vehicle that displays information on the display panel mounted on the side of the drone. In addition, various mission devices such as smart winch system, automatic hooking/loading device, 9 missile releasing device and smart delivery box can be equipped, and it automatically changes its UI based on the devices for easy operability.


· Size : 2,030 x 2,030 x 950mm / Folded 1,580mm x 1,580mm x 920mm

· Weight : 54kg(w/ battery)

· Battery : 44.4v/88,000mah

· Max Flight Time (Payload*) : 48min(0kg), 43min(10kg), 30min(30kg)

· Max Speed : 50km/h

· Payload : 30kg

· Operation Range : 13km(LTE Datalink)

· Max Flight Altitude : 1.5km

· Wind Resistance : 12m/s

· Water Resistance : IPx4

Special Features

· Touch Screen Panel Display on the Drone

· Double Octa Airframe with 16 Motors

· Foldable Arms for Portability

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage (Operable at -20℃~40℃)

Mission Equipment (*Optional)

· EO 10x /18x/ 30x Zoom Camera*

· Winch System*

· Storage Box

· Automatic Locking Device*

· Smart Delivery Box(automatically weighs the luggage)

· 9 Missile Releasing Device*

Field of Application

· Military Logistics Support

· Delivery & Transportation

· Construction Field

· Air Bombardment


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