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The drone was designed to contribute useful data to civil/military usage by transmitting atmospheric environment information (wind direction, wind speed,

temperature, fine dust, Sox, Nox, etc.) in real time high-altitude vertical meteorological observation.

- The drone will observe and remit the wind direction and wind speed data required by artillery and CBR(Chemical, Biological, Radiological) units

- The drone will contribute to reconnaissance operation by acquiring local weather information during the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the Air Force

- The drone will transmit and acquire real-time data necessary for proximity monitoring and proliferation simulation in case of disasters


· Size : 470 x 470 x 870mm

· Weight : 2.73kg/4.13kg(w/battery)

· Battery : 22.2v/10,000mah

· Max Flight Time : 32min

· Max Speed : 54km/h

· Payload : 0.3kg

· Operation Range : 3km

· Max Flight Altitude : 1km

· Wind Resistance : 18m/s

· Water Resistance : IPx4 and above

Special Features

· Realtime Environmental Monitoring and 3D Mapping of Environmental Data

· Double Quad Airframe with 8 Propellers

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage(Operation at -20℃~40℃)

· Flight in Rain(IPx4) and Strong Wind Resistance(18m/s Max)

· Autonomous Flight Control and Safe RTB

· Realtime FHD Transmission

· AI 3D Mapping Technology for Safe Skyway

Mission Equipment

· 10 x Zoom Camera

· Weather Sensor(Temperature, Humidity)

· Wind Direction and Speed Sensor

· Particulate Material Sensor

· Sox, Nox Sensor

Field of Application

· Military Operations

· Offshore Survey & Inspection

· Weather Forecast


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