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Able to take off from the water surface, this IPX7 waterproof drone is exclusively designed for coastal and maritime missions. X-Flow is a perfect

convergence of buoyance technology of a vessel, flight technology of an aircraft, and waterproofing technology.

When in the standby mode on the water surface, X-Flow can move freely amongst waves while filming underwater to fulfill its maritime missions.

Exclusively designed motors, actuators, and body frame perfectly prevents corrosion, salt damage, and leakages to perform any kinds of maritime missions.


· Size : 930 x 930 x 900mm

· Weight : 7.5kg/12.5kg(w/ Battery)

· Battery : 22.2v/22,000mah x 2ea or 33,000mah

· Max Flight Time : 25min

· Max Speed : 45km/h

· Payload : 1kg

· Operation Range : 3km

· Max Flight Altitude : 1km

· Wind Resistance : 18m/s

· Water Resistance : IPX7(Certified)

Special Features

· Vessel Design Fuselage with Anti-rolling and Self Buoyant Housing

· Double Octo Airframe with 16 Propellers

· Waterproof Motor with Self-Cooling Housing

· Waterproof and Self Buoyant Underwater Camera

· Standby Mode on the Water Surface

· Exclusively Designed Vessel Landing Station(Optional)

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage(Operation at -20℃~40℃)

· Full Waterproof and Strong Wind Resistance(18m/s Max)

· Autonomous Flight Control and Safe RTB

· Realtime FHD Transmission

· AI 3D Mapping Technology for Safe Skyway

Mission Equipment

· 10 x Zoom Camera

· IR Camera

· Sonar Sensor

Field of Application

· Military Operations

· Surveillance & Boarder Patrol

· Small Package Delivery(Max. Payload 5kg)


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