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Exclusively designed light weight fuselage drone designed for global reconnaissance drone standard.

Double quad transform airframe enables 4 arms and 8 coaxial motors to be folded and packed in less than one minute for maximum portability while maintaining incredible flight performance such as 14m/s wind persistence, IP43 as well as mil spec. temperature resistance.

X-Maze can be quickly deployed to tasks such as inspection of industrial facilities,

SAR missions in coastal and mountainous areas,

short-range reconnaissance, and patrol surveillance in crime-prone areas.


· Size : Folded 312 x 170 x 130mm / Unfolded 689 x 689 x 211mm

· Weight : 2.6kg(drone) / 4.6kg(w/12,600mah battery) / 5.2kg(battery and mission equipment)

· Battery : 22.8V 16,000mah Lithium Polymer Battery (36min)

· Wind Resistance : Continuous Wind Speed 14m/s, instantaenous Wind Speed 16m/s

· Water Resistance : IP43 (KS C IEC 60529 certified)

· Operating Temperature : -20º~43º (MIL-STD-810G certified)

Special Features

· ODS* (Object Detection System)

· Double Quad Airframe with 8 Motor

· Fully Foldable and Packable in a Personal Backpack

· Thermal Insulation Housing Fuselage (Operable at -20º~43º)

· Flight in Rain(IP43) and Storong Wind Resistance (16m/s Max)

· Autonomous Flight Control and Safe RTB

Mission Equipment

· 3in1(EO/IR/LRF) Camera*

· Mapping Camera for Inspection*

· Integrated EO(10x) and IR Camera*

· EO 10x / 18x / 30x Zoom Camera*

· Exclusive Backpack

· Portable Monitor GCS

Field of Application

· Military Operations

· Agriculture Survey & Inspection

· Offshore Survey & Inspection

· Surveillance & Border Patrol


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