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Specializing in ultra-high performance custom drones



VORASKY is a specialized manufacturer of high-performance custom unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), founded by first-generation robotics technology experts. With our unique manufacturing technology, we produce specialized UAV solutions that surpass

the technological capabilities of domestic and international competitors.

All of VORASKY's products undergo design, production, research and development (R&D),

and inspection processes entirely based on our proprietary technology.


Today and every day, VORASKY is shaping the future of drones.


Founded ~ 2018: Validated drone manufacturing solutions and advanced autopiloting


04. Established Bora / Commercialized autopilot technology
06. Commercialized Mobile GCS Vehicle and Weather Observation Drone
07. Performed coastal safety monitoring service for Hwaseong City
08. Commercialized the world's first fully waterproof drone technology
12. Established production plant (Osan)


03. Demonstration for Samsung Electronics / Comparative observation study of Boseong Meteorological Tower Successful flight

       at 1 km altitude, commercialization of high-altitude weather observation model August Certified as a venture company
08. Established R&D center, commercialized ultra-fine dust drone
09. Demonstration for Prime Minister at Korea Safety Industry Expo
11. Signed MOU with FT Technologies


02. Invested in Soorim Startup Investment Co.
03. Commercialized solution for hiking trail patrol
05. Commercialized safety management drone solution
       Conducted 2 research projects at the Korea Institute of Meteorological Industry and Technology
08 Selected to carry out a pilot project for mountain surveillance in Hallasan, Jeju Island
10 Performed safety management service for Bukhansan National Park
      Jeju Island Weather Care Village Pilot Project
11. Received the 2018 Safety Industry Promotion Merit Award (Minister of the Interior)
12. Signed a pilot project for safety management in Hallasan National Park


06. Commercialized small reconnaissance drone solution
07. Attracted institutional investment from Mirae Asset Daewoo and 2 others
09. Expanded production plant (moved from Osan to Hwaseong City), demonstrated environmental assessment drone

       for Pohang Works
12. Commercialized small bomb-dropping drone


05. Launched a fully waterproof drone for marine takeoff and landing (coastal vigilance and coastal special operations)
08. Selected 3 of our products for pilot use of the Ministry of National Defense's Excellent Award Products
       (Bomb-dropping drone, transportation drone, garrison perimeter surveillance drone)
09. Awarded a citation from the head of the Korea Meteorological Administration (Meteorological Industry Promotion Company)
       Developed and localized high-performance drone motors
10. Contracted Seoraksan National Park cargo transportation drone operation research project
11. Joint exhibition with LIG Nexon at the International Maritime Safety Exhibition (marine takeoff and landing drone)
       Exhibited 3 types of Army drone bot system drones at the Korea Defense Industry Exhibition (DX Korea)
       (Bomb-dropping drone, transportation drone, marine takeoff and landing drone)
12. Exhibited 5 types of drones at the Chungmugong Yi Sunsin Defense Industry Exhibition


01. 'Development Plan for Drone Robot Combat System and AI Coastal Integrated Surveillance System' hosted by 2nd 

       Operations Command Participated and exhibited 3 drones
03. Commercialized 3rd generation (Foldable Wings) 30kg payload transport drone
       Commercialized 2nd generation (Foldabld Wings) close-range reconnaissance drone
       Established 2nd R&D Center and expanded assembly line (Dongtan New City Knowledge Center)



7th Floor, 57, Teheran-ro 87-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Kamryung Building, Samsung-dong)

TEL: 02-392-8886 / FAX: 02-392-8883


1316, The First Tower 2nd, 614, Dongtan-Giheung-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

TEL: 031-377-8788 / FAX: 031-377-5688


186, Annyeongnam-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

TEL: 031-224-8788 / FAX: 031-224-5688

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